2.2 million people in New Zealand have already joined Kiwisaver since it began in 2007 - but the question is, have you?

If you are an individual, family or wanting to set-up your business to make the joining process for employees simpler we can help with that process and get you saving for your retirement now.

Grosvenor has been helping New Zealanders save for over 16 years. We have been involved with KiwiSaver since its inception in 2007, working with a network of qualified financial advisers to help Kiwis meet their retirement savings needs.

Grosvenor administers the Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme and is one of the largest New Zealand owned and operated KiwiSaver scheme providers.
They are a proud member of the Buy NZ Made campaign.

Grosvenor has been appointed as a KiwiSaver default provider for a seven-year term which began on 1 July 2014.

Benefits of having Kiwisaver with Grosvenor:
1. You may qualify for the Housing NZ Kiwisaver Home Start Grant to assist you in purchasing your first home with a subsidy of up to $5,000 based on $1,000 for each year of continuous contributions.
2. Your children can join Kiwisaver with regular or voluntary contributions or just get them set-up for when they are old enough to contribute themselves.
3. The Government also contributes for every dollar you put in 50 cents, in the form of a MTC (Member Tax Credit of up to $10 per week ($521.43 per year)
4. You can view your Grosvenor Kiwisaver account online at anytime with your own personal login
5. Paid employment, self-employed or not working you can join and contribute to Kiwisaver.

For further information or to join up please contact our office on 07 839 7702 or complete the Enquiry Form on the Contact Us Page